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宏盈工業有限公司 Fong Yien Industrial Co., Ltd.

About Us

About the Company

Fong Yien was established in 1974 as a manufacturer of pressed washers and hot forged screw hooks for fences. In 1991, Fong Yien was transformed into the specialty fastener and DIN 444 eye bolt manufacturer. In 1996, we introduced Multi-stages Bolt Former and became one of the few manufacturers had dual capability for cold headed and hot forged productions in Taiwan. In 2009, the company have grown through innovation and successfully developed niche products: Drop forged JIS B1168/1169 eye bolts and eye nuts.

​Currently, the company’s specialty products are DIN 444 eyebolts, JIS B1168/1169 eye bolts/eye nuts, ASME B18.15 forged eyebolts, custom-made eye bolts, custom-made cold headed fasteners and precision machined components which are marketed in Europe, Japan and the North America. Since 2008, we have been proudly ISO 9001 certified.

Business Philosophy

Production operation

Automatic Process

Development of New Product Line

Sustainability of Innovation

Long-lasting Operation

Top Priority of Quality

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Air drop hammer

  • 4 dies-4 blows bolts former

  • Press machine

  • Drilling/tapping machine

  • Thread rolling machine

  • Endless-Belt-Type shotblasting machine

  • Automatic steel bar cutting machine

  • Induction furnace

  • CNC turning lathe

  • Screw air compressor

TEL : +886-3-497-1088 / 

FAX : +886-3-497-0878

ADD : No.205, Shezi Road, 1st Neighborhood, Shezi Village, Xinwu District, Taoyuan City 32746, Taiwan

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