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Mark explanation(Steel eyebolts)  :

Front (SS400 steel)

Safe working load 0.63T(630kg)

Manufacture year 2014

Back (SS400 steel)

Trade mark of manufacturer

Precaution for use  :


The eyebolt loading shall never exceed the marked Safe Working Load (SWL) value. Used for vertical and angular lifts; when used for angular lifts the Safe Working Load (SWL) is to be down rated.


When using lifting slings of two or four legs, shoulder eyebolt rated capacities are not multiplied accordingly but reduced. Make sure the loads in the legs are calculated using the angle from the vertical to the leg and properly size the shoulder nut or machinery eye bolt for the angular load.


Shoulder must be installed flush with the surface and screw.


Angular pulls more than 45 degrees from vertical are prohibited.  Do not lift or pull loads with slings reeved from eyebolt to another. This will change the angle of loading on the eyebolts and create added tension.


Side-lifts or turnovers of load are not safe and prohibited.


When lifting with more than one eye bolt, aligning the eye parts is necessary.


Prior to use, a visual inspection shall be performed by the user or other designated person to verify compliance with applicable provisions.

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